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The Jump Around Arcade

The Jump Around has 6 arcade games (they are all free, during birthday parties) - Dynamo Air hockey 4′x8′ 2 player, Pinnacle Crane machine 1 player, 2 player Multicade w/60 games loaded in it, two Fast & the Furious Drift 1 player (these two game have the capability to link up and battle each other), “Zero” Dance Game two player. All the games are set on free play for bday parties accept for the claw!
All the games are set on free play for bday parties exept for the claw!

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The Jump Around Bouncers

The Jump Around has 4 Bouncers: Boxing Ring, Challenge Course, Obstacle Course, Slide

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The Jump Around Toddler Room

This is a room for children 3 and under and is away from all the bouncers & arcades. It has lots of toys and structures for them to play on. The room has been painted and air brushed with kid themed artwork and the carpet has extra padding.

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The Jump Around Party Room

The Jump Around Party room seats 64 people comfortably.

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The Jump Around Cosmic Lighting

The Jump Around playground has special lighting, called Cosmic Lighting. Black lights, disco lights and strobe lights. The facility has also been outfitted with an amazing sound system to enhance your birthday experience.

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